Some students in Victoria did not go back for Term Three because of COVID-19. This means that young people are having to learn at home.

We have made a list of website and activities that you could use to learn and stay connected at home.

Hear for You are a series of online catch-ups for young people who are deaf/Deaf or hard of hearing. You can learn more and register at this link.

Here is a list of Apps that were made to support young autistic people, those with low vision and young people with learning difficulties. The list is American. But the apps could still be useful. Most of the Apps are free.  

Ballyland Apps are made for young people who are blind or have low vision. One of the activities you can do on the App is learn to code. Learn more here.

CodeRead Dyslexia Network has a list of reading websites and activities that young people might enjoy. Get started here.

CrackerJack Education

A website by the Australian Indigenous community. It has videos for teachers and students. Visit the website here.

Visit Fizzics Education. It is a website that has trivia questions on different topics, such as chemistry and the human body.

Go to the zoo with San Diego Zoo’s livestream of different animals. You can watch the livestream here.

Khan Academy is a website that has lots of information and activities for children aged 5-18. Visit the website here.

Learn about science with Dr Karl by visiting his website here.

Learn and Practise Auslan

Auslan is Australian sign language. It is used by people who are Deaf/deaf or hard of hearing.

You can practise finger spelling here. If you want to practise the signs for different words, you can do some quizzes here.

The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children have a free App that shows you how to make 150 common Auslan signs such as “please” and “how are you.” Find out more here.

 Listen to the radio

Vision Australia Radio is a station that was made for people who are blind or have low vision. You can learn more and listen to the Melbourne station here.

Take a music class

A theater called The New Victory has five videos about percussion music. Watch the videos and start learning here.

Watch something educational on Netflix! This list has 150 shows that will teach you something new!

Write a story or keep a journal about how you are feeling. Or you could do a class, like Write What You Know. It is a free online creative writing course for beginners.

How have you been learning at home?

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