This blog post was written by Will, one of the members of the YDAS COVID-19 Working Group.

Young main with white skin, brown hair and glasses smiles at camera

Being disabled during Covid 19 sucks because I haven't seen my family in NSW since Christmas and New Year’s. 

But it's ok I'm getting there. I just need to remain positive  

I am in Year 12 and I graduate this year. We may not have a graduation dinner which I've been looking forward to ever since I was in Preps or in NSW they call it Kindergarten. 

I recently turned 18 and as much as I wanted to have a big party to celebrate this milestone. I couldn't. We were in Stage 4 Lockdown. I still had a party but it was on zoom. 

I wouldn't recommend Stage 4 Lockdown to anyone. It is really stressful. 

When we started to go into Lockdown in March, I was scared because I was like "woah this is real.” School had to move online which really was fun but it also had negatives like the internet would freeze or I would miss my friends and teachers too much. 

But when we went into Stage 4 I knew what to expect because we had lockdown in March until June. Then after lockdown we went back to school for a month then we had to go back into lockdown because we had numbers of cases well in the hundreds. I felt such anger that people weren't following the rules in this fight to normality.

Come on Victoria we need to do this, I know it’s hard, but every time you don't social distance, wear a mask, clean your hands properly or even come forward to get tested, the virus could spread. 

We need you to come forward if you have any symptoms of COVID 19 and if you do feel sick do not go to WORK, SCHOOL, SHOPPING, EXERCISE just stay at home and self-isolate. By doing that you are slowing down the spread of Covid 19.

This will not go on forever, we can still see a light out of lockdown we just need to work together. 

 Keep doing what you're doing! 


  • Stay connected to family, friends, colleagues 
  • Come forward if you are sick 
  • Stay at home 
  • Only leave your house if you need to! 
  • Wear a mask in public 
  • Social Distance from others. Remember to stay 1.5m away