The Youth Homelessness Crisis

There is a youth homelessness crisis in Victoria. Twenty-six per cent of people experiencing homelessness in Victoria are aged between 12 and 24 and on any night at least 6,000 young people are homeless.  

Thousands more young people will experience homelessness each year until decision-makers commit to ending youth homelessness. Young people tell us that being homeless dramatically changes their lives by significantly impacting their mental health, forcing them to leave school, lose their job, exposing them to violence and forcing them into unsafe sexual encounters. 

YACVic is working with young people who have lived experiences of homelessness to call on the Victorian Government and Commonwealth Government to end the youth homelessness crisis. Our latest report Ending Youth Homelessness: The Solutions from Young People, elevates the voices of young people and includes four recommendations that can end youth homelessness in the next ten years.

homelessness infographic final

Solutions from Young People 

Young people are calling for the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to commit to four solutions to end youth homelessness in the next ten years. 

  1. Create a fair private rental market 

  2. Commit to an ongoing program to build more social housing 

  3. Provide better support for young people at risk of experiencing homelessness 

  4. Raise the Rate of JobSeeker and Youth Allowance 

Take Action 

We want you to take action to help end youth homelessness. You can join us at a meeting with a politician or you can choose to share your story about homelessness by completing our form. 

These organisations also have more information about youth homelessness and can help with issues related to housing and accommodation: