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What is HEY?

Healthy Equal Youth (HEY) is about supporting the health and wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ young Victorians. The first of its kind in Australia HEY brings together a network of partner organisations specialising in support and services for LGBTQIA+ young people.

HEY partners provide peer support, referral, community visibility, celebration and education.  The vision of the HEY partners is that LGBTQIA+ young people in Victoria have their rights upheld, and are safe, empowered and celebrated.

In addition, an annual grants program is also offered to non-HEY Partner organisations and groups. The HEY grants provide funding in two distinct categories. Youth led initiatives, and Community Development initiatives. The grants are a unique opportunity for mainstream and non-LGBTQIA+ based services to develop work and new activities which better target and include LGBTQIA+ young people and enhance their mental health and wellness.

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With years of experience and evidence-based practice, the HEY Project is supporting more young people than ever, changing their lives and making a difference to their mental health and wellbeing.

The HEY Project is funded and supported by the Victorian Government.

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HEY Partners

The HEY Partners provide a network of inclusive spaces and programs for LGBTQIA+ young people across Victoria. 

Youth Affairs Council Victoria

Youth Affairs Council Victoria is the peak body and leading policy advocate on young people's issues in Victoria.

Zoe Bell Gender Collective

Provides online support, referrals, recommendations and resources for the greater trans and gender diverse community in Victoria. 

Way Out Cobaw

Based at Cobaw Community Health, Way Out is a state-wide suicide prevention program that targets same sex attracted, bisexual and transgender young people in rural Victoria.

WayOut Wodonga

WayOut Wodonga promotes the rights, health and wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ young people in Albury Wodonga and surrounds.

Rainbow Network

Helping members provide safer, more inclusive services for young same sex-attracted, intersex, trans and gender diverse Victorians.

Safe Schools

Safe Schools is a formal and public commitment that schools make to create an inclusive and safe environment for their school community, including for LGBTQIA+ students, families and teachers. 

Peninsula Pride

Peninsula Pride is queer–straight alliance community group led by headspace Frankston. Helping same sex attracted and gender diverse young people can feel safer and more included in society.

Rainbow Health Victoria

Rainbow Health Victoria is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ Victorians and the quality of care they receive.


Australia's largest youth-led organisation for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans youth.


The GASP project is Geelong’s safe and inclusive space for young people aged between 12-25.

Diversity Project

Aiming to create a safer, more inclusive and healthier community in the City of Greater Shepparton and beyond for young people who are LGBTQIA+.

Safe in the Southwest

The SAFE in the South West program is strengthening the capacity of South West Victorian community in supporting young people who identify same-sex attracted, sex and gender diverse.

Ballarat headspace

Ballarat headspace is now running Zaque – a safe space for LGBTIQ young people. Zaque is a group that aims to provide a safe and supportive space for LGBTIQA+ young people aged 12-25.

Headspace Bendigo Diversity

headspace Bendigo offers two diversity groups weekly for young people who identify as LGBTIQ+ and their friends and allies.

They provide a safe and inclusive space where young people can be themselves, meet others, have some fun and participate in community activities that celebrate diversity.

Parents of Gender Diverse Children (PGDC)

Parents of Gender Diverse Children works hard to give a voice to parents and those parenting transgender and gender diverse children. 

Gippsland Lakes Community Health

Gippsland Lakes Complete Health (GLCH) is an inclusive service provider to all members of the community, and consults with LGBTIQA+ consumers to improve their responsiveness to the needs of the LGBTIQA+ population.

La Trobe Community Health Service

Latrobe Community Health Service work with the community to provide safe and inclusive services to clients who identify as LGBTIQA+, and provide a safe and inclusive work environment for staff who identify as LGBTIQA+.

HEY Grants

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant stress for LGBTIQA+ young people, with social isolation, changes to services, insecure work and housing.

In response, Youth Affairs Council Victoria in partnership with the Victorian Government, has opened the 2020 round of the Healthy Equal Youth (HEY) Grants to provide $10,000 of support for initiatives aimed at supporting LGBTIQA+ young people’s mental health and wellbeing through COVID-19 and beyond.

Grants of $10,000 are available for projects and initiatives aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTQIA+ young Victorians. There's a special grant category for youth-led initiatives too.

Over 10 years, HEY Grants have supported over 99 organisations with $1.1 million of funding directed to assist LGBTQIA+ young people's mental health and well-being.

This year we also ran a workshop to help potential grant applicants write a good HEY grant application. You can view a recording which has been captioned here.

YACVic encourages organisations work with young people with disability, young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to apply for the 2020 HEY Grants.

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All inquiries should be directed to Youth Affairs Council Victoria by email to Briar Rolfe, Rainbow Projects brolfe@yacvic.org.au. They work Monday to Thursdays. Alternatively, you can contact info@yacvic.org.au.

See our Round 9 Recipients

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Round 9 Recipients

Round 9 of HEY Grants awarded $106,000 across 11 outstanding projects. Six are regional/rural, two are state-wide and three are metropolitan based initiatives across the categories of Social Connectedness and Youth Led.

Knox Youth Services (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Knox Youth Services and the youth-run and led Knox Rainbow Youth Action Group are partnering to create MASKED 2, a sequel to their successful short film created with their previous 2017 HEY Grant, which follows the journey of a young person as they come out. The original film has now had over 100,000 views.

Your Community Health (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Your Community Health is a co-designed and co-led health campaign run by trans, gender diverse, and nonbinary (TGDNB) young people from Ballarat and Preston for TGDNB people across Victoria. The goal of the campaign is promoting good health among the target group, increasing access to gender affirming health services, and creating a peer network of TGDNB people.

Switchboard Victoria (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Switchboard Victoria are building their capacity to better support the LGBTQIA+young people with suicide prevention services and resources, having identified them as a group increasingly accessing their services. The grant will enable them to train their staff and volunteers, as well as helping to promote Switchboard’s web and telephone counselling as a resource to LGBTQIA+ young people.

Family Access Network (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Family Access Network are creating Rainbow Tours, which target LGBTQIA+ young people who are at risk of homelessness, experience mental health issues, and/or lack family support. Rainbow Tours aims to enable these young people to travel to LGBTQIA+ inclusive spaces in order to decrease social anxiety and increase their access to community support and services.

Wellington Shire Council (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Wellington Shire Council will host four events (two for secondary school students and two for community members) that centre on LGBTQIA+ speakers and voices, with a vision to make the Shire of Wellington a more inclusive place. This will also include an expo for LGBTQIA+ young people to showcase the services available for them in the region.

Boroondara City Council (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Boroondata City Council will establish the first LGBTQIA+ young people’s group in Boroondara, as well as provide a safe and welcoming space to host them in. The grant will also help them employ a youth worker one day a week for it. A recent survey has shown them that this is a demand in their community.

Benalla Rural City Council (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Benalla Rural City Council’s Umbrella Group is a group of LGBTQIA+ young people, are seeking training for their group members, as there are extremely limited services in Benalla that support young people. The Umbrella Group want to receive training to become local ambassadors to improve young people’s sense of being supported by their community. Their vision is to move from being a peer support group to a resource and support provider.

Headspace Horsham (Youth Led) - $6,000

Headspace Horsham are intending to employ an artist who can support their Rainbow Action Group to create and install LGBTQIA+ public art around the Wimmera. This art will help LGBTQIA+ young people feel included in their area and address homophobic attitudes in the wider community.

Hepburn Shire Council and Daylesford Secondary College  (Youth Led) - $10,000

Hepburn Shire Council and Daylesford Secondary College’s Pride Brigayewd - $10,000 They will run an event targeted to LGBTQIA+ young people attending ChillOut festival. This will be supported by peers development training and access to transport.

Highland Local Learning and Employment Network (Youth Led) - $10,000

Highlands LLEN is supporting a trans high school student in connecting young LGBTQIA+ community members with older community members. He intends to run a mentorship program that introduces these groups to each other and supports them to have meals, craft afternoons, competitions, and other activities together. He hopes this will give his peers role models like themselves that they can look up to and be inspired by.

South Gippsland Shire (Youth Led) - $10,000

South Gippsland Shire are facilitating a group of young people to design and implement a Pride Formal for themselves and other young LGBTQIA+ people (and allies) living in South Gippsland, with the goal of creating an ongoing action/network group of attendees after the event.