20200909 YACVicMemberHuddle chillout

Chill out with YACVic 

Come join YACVic's new Young Member Huddles, a dedicated space just for young members organised by our young staff.

As the representative body for young people in Victoria, we've heard from you all over the state that you want to chill out and connect! The past few months have been stressful, tiresome, and isolating. So, now’s the time to kickback, relax and have some fun with like-minded friends. (Feel free to tell everyone you’re in a professional meeting though … shhhh!)

What to expect

In this hour take the time to meet other young people around Victoria who are either interested in advocacy for young people or working with young people. We’ll be organising a few activities to play and interact with to ensure that the whole hour is fun, welcoming, and comfortable. It’ll be all about how we can have fun via the virtual world. This will also include introducing resources to help you connect and meet other like-minded young people.

There are no expectations for this session, we’re just chilling out! But we hope that you’ll be able to find this session as a time to smile, meet a few people and maybe take away a few ideas to bring back to your friends, uni tutes, and workplaces.

Who should attend? 

This event is open to anyone who is 

  • A Young Member

  • Young people connected to a member organisation  

  • Young staff of a member organisation  

Sign up to become a YACVic member (it only costs $3 a year for a young person!) to be notified first about resources and future webinars for young people and the youth sector, including how to access income support payments and digital youth work. 

We’ll also promote these in our fortnightly newsletter, which you can sign up here

Contact and Registration

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Nuriyah Haque, Participation and Events Officer at nhaque@yacvic.org.au

Please register here so we can confirm numbers. 

Commitment to Child Safety 

YACVic is a child safe organisation. By attending these events, you agree to join us in our commitment to child safety