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Why should young people care about local government?

Even if we’re not familiar with what councils do, it’s local government that has the most impact on young people’s lives—but, like other governments, it’s still mostly run by people whose youth is long behind them.

This training has been developed by VLGA to help young people understand and run for their local council as a councillor in the October 2020 elections. You’ll get to hear from young people who got elected to council, what changes young councillors can bring to their community, and learn how to get elected yourself!

What to expect

This training will present a live workshop about local government structures, how they work, and how to be elected to them. It will be followed by a panel discussion with existing young councillors, who will talk about their experiences and their tips and suggestions for other young people interested in running for local government.

Who should attend

This event is open to anyone who:

  • is a young person interested in learning more about local government;
  • works with young people who are interested in learning more about local government

Contact and Registration

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Deborah Wu, VLGA Women’s Engagement & Project Officer, at

Please register here so we can confirm numbers.

Commitment to Child Safety

YACVic is a child safe organisation. By attending these events, you agree to join us in our commitment to child safety