What is a hybrid model conference?

A hybrid model conference is the best of both worlds — a conference that runs both in-person and online. It is a chance to use what we learned about online events in 2020 without abandoning the benefits of in-person events. Reshape Our Future is a hybrid model conference.

How does a hybrid model conference work?

In the morning, attendees in each of the five physical locations and online will get to hear from plenary speakers and participate in sessions that are relevant to young people and the youth sector across Victoria. This means you’ll never look at your program and feel like you’re missing out on a great speaker because their talk is happening on the other side of the state! And whether the speakers are at your or another location, you will still have the opportunity for interactive participation, such as putting questions to the speakers, or participating in table / breakout room discussions about what you’ve heard.

In the afternoon, each location will break away for their own in-person discussions and workshops. This means we can run location-specific sessions on topics that young people and youth sector workers have raised as important for their region.

There will also be generous breaks when you can catch up with your peers, discuss what you’ve been hearing, and build new relationships.

Should I attend the Youth Forum or the Youth Sector Conference?

The Youth Forum is for anybody between the ages of 12-25. It is an opportunity for young people to make their voices heard, and to connect with young people in their region who are passionate about the same issues.  

If you’re older than 25, and work with or advocate for young people, you should attend the youth sector conference!

If you’re 12-25 and studying youth work, or working with young people or to make change in some way, you can are welcome to attend both the youth forum,and the youth sector conference!

Why should I attend in person if content will be streamed anyway?

After the disruption and isolation of 2020, we know that people want to connect with each other in person. Nothing beats the spontaneous networking opportunities and friendships of in-person events.

The hybrid model of the conference means that you’ll get to hear the same great speakers and panels no matter which location you attend — but will still get to sit in a workshop on local issues with local peers, and grab a cuppa and a catered lunch with colleagues from across your region.

What are the benefits of attending online?

Even with five locations, in-person events can sometimes be hard to get to, and for some people it will be more affordable or accessible to join us online. Our online attendees will have access to the same sessions as all of the attendees in the morning sessions, and then will be part of the Melbourne location sessions in the afternoon.

Online attendees will also have the benefits enjoyed with any online event — being able to attend in their pyjamas, taking their laptop to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, and being able to take a phone call without leaving the room.

What will I get out of coming to Reshape Our Future?

By coming to Reshape Our Future, you'll connect with other young people and youth workers to take meaningful action to address the unprecedented challenges. You will also develop and build upon your skills to create change, advocate and work meaningfully, ethically and effectively with young people. Our program will inspire you and provoke new ways of thinking and working, but we have also designed so it gives you time to reflect and refresh on what it means to be a young person and/or someone working to support young people throughout COVID-19. 

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Can I attend the conference if I don’t work in the Youth Sector, but my work affects young people?

Yes! The program is designed to be useful to seasoned and early career youth workers, and also people who don’t identify as youth workers, but who do serious work with young people (eg for example, community,y and health, sports and recreation, emergency services etc), or whose work affects young people’s lives (employers, media etc).

What location should I attend?

You should attend whichever location suits you, whether that’s Melbourne, Mildura, Lakes Entrance, Warrnambool, Wangaratta, or online! We have multiple locations so that people you don’t have to travel all the way to Melbourne or drive all the way across the state. This means that if you want to attend our event in person, there’s hopefully a location close to you.

Having said that, we would also encourage you to think about going outside your usual space, and visiting another location in the state to learn new things and meet new people.  And if multiple colleagues from your organisation are planning to attend, perhaps you can split up and spread your love and expertise across more than one location.

You will note that ticket costs are slightly cheaper for the regional locations. This is because venues and catering are less expensive outside Melbourne.

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I live in Melbourne. Can I travel to one of the other locations?

Yes! We encourage you to travel if you’re enthusiastic to do so. Even though afternoon sessions will focus on local issues, they will still be useful for people who don’t live in that region. Organisations which operate statewide may also use it as an opportunity to build the rural and regional knowledge of Melbourne metro-based staff.

We will also provide information on accommodation in each area. Just remember,  our conference is at the start of winter, so if you’re leaving the city, pack some warm clothes!

Will this event be accessible and inclusive for me?

YACVic is dedicated to creating accessible and inclusive events. We are aiming for a diverse speaker line-up, and will provide closed captioning, Auslan interpretation, and recharge rooms. All our venues are wheelchair accessible. Our ticketing process has a list of access requirements you can select from so that we can make sure you have a great conference!

We have also ensured that each venue has gender neutral toilets and that pronoun badges will be provided for all attendees. We will set and maintain standards of appropriate behaviour for our attendees to make sure that everybody is comfortable and safe.

We are also offering scholarships to cover your ticket, transport and any other costs we can cover to make the event inclusive and safe for you. 

To apply for a scholarship, simply fill out this form.

On our ticket form, there is a list of accessibility needs which you can tick to ensure your needs are met.

We understand that not all events are accessible for everyone, which is why we are creating Access Keys for all our venues. Access Keys mean that everyone can make their own decisions about whether to attend. If you see an access barrier in the Access Key let us know, and we will try to come up with a solution for you. 

If you have an accessibility need that isn't listed or if you have any other questions about access and inclusion, you can contact Haley Zilberberg via email here.

What support can you provide for transport and accommodation?

We've ensured each venue is easily acccessible by various public transports. We will provide detailed location-specific information before the end of March.

We are also working with local accommodation providers for a special discount if you're staying in town overnight.

We are also offering scholarships to cover your ticket, transport and any other costs we can cover to make the event inclusive and safe for you. 

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Can I swap between venues?

No! Unfortunately, it would be too difficult logistically to manage content, catering, and COVID safety across five locations without consistent and predictable ticketing numbers and attendance.

However if you have paid to attend in person, and then find that one or both of your days becomes impossible, please let us know and we can give you an online login for that day.

If you know in advance that you will unavoidably need to attend multiple locations, you can contact us and we will try to sort something out.

Should I become a YACVic Member?

Being a YACVic member is the best way to become part of our collective that is working and advocating for young people across Victoria. It also helps us keep our lights on and supporting you.  YACVic members also have the opportunity to be involved in our policy and sector development efforts, and get access to our email newsletters, which are a great way to keep track of jobs, opportunities, and news about young people and the youth sector.

YACVic Members also receive discounts, not just for Reshape Our Future and future YACVic conferences, but for the many different trainings and workshops that we offer.

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How do I know if I am a YACVic Member?

Individual YACVic members receive Member Alerts and Young Member Alerts to the email address which they used to sign up to become a YACVic Member.

If you work for an organisation which is an organisational member of YACVic, you can also purchase a YACVic Member ticket for Reshape Our Future. Find out here to see if your organisation is a member.