The opportunity

Join YACVic's Help Recruit Team (HR Team) and help us recruit the best staff to YACVic. 

What’s the role about? 

Do you want to:

  • Influence the culture at YACVic?
  • Have a say on who we recruit?
  • Get interview experience from the ‘other side of the desk?’

We are seeking a group of around 10 young members to form our HR Team and help us recruit the best possible staff to YACVic. Every time YACVic interviews a potential new employee someone from this team will participate as an equal member on the interview panel alongside staff members.

You will ask questions of applicants in the interview, lend your perspective to the selection process and contribute to the recruitment of the new staff member. While assisting YACVic you will also gain great insights into the recruitment process and what makes a successful applicant.


This is a voluntary role and travel and food expenses will be covered (see below). You will have full support from the Office Manager, who coordinates all recruitment at YACVic, and from the Participation & Development Coordinator, who supports youth engagement within YACVic.


You will have support from the HR Office Manager, who coordinates all recruitment at YACVic, and from the Participation & Development Coordinator, who supports youth engagement within YACVic.  

What is expected of me?

You will attend a three-hour induction training session at YACVic’s office (Melbourne CBD) on Wednesday 20 November 2019 from 4.30-7.30pm – this will cover HR (Human Resources) policies, recruitment procedure, role clarification and the chance to get to know the others in the group. 

We will also have representatives from HAYS specialist recruitment job employment agency who will give insight to job hunting and how agency recruitment works.  

When we are recruiting a new staff member, we will contact the HR Team and you will simply put your name forward if you are free for that date. We can’t say exactly how many opportunities there will be as the nature of recruitment is sporadic; however, we will do our best to give you as much notice as we can.  

When you are selected to be on an interview panel this will usually take place Mon–Fri and be in Melbourne CBD at the YACVic office. The majority of opportunities will take one full working day (9am to 5pm) with up to four interviews. When there are fewer interviews the day will be shorter and we will endeavour to schedule these to make it possible for those living in rural or regional areas.  

What will I get from this?

    • A unique opportunity to see and experience interviews from the interviewer’s chair and build an understanding of what makes a good or bad interview 

    • A full briefing on the role of YACVic and how the job fits within the organisation 

    • The opportunity to build relationships with YACVic staff 

    • The opportunity to lend your voice to decision-making processes and influence recruitment at YACVic 

    • Training in HR and interviewing processes 

    • Out-of-pocket travel and food costs reimbursed for any interview panels you are selected to be on 

    Check out what previous members of the HR Team think about the opportunity on the YACVic blog: 


What will I actually be doing?

You’ll start by doing an induction training session and then putting your name forward to be on a panel when an opportunity arises that fits your availability. Once you’ve been allocated an interview panel you’ll be given some reading ahead of the interview day.

 On the day itself you’ll be in every interview asking interview questions and will be asked to provide clear feedback about candidates and engage in a decision-making discussion after interviews, for example:

  • What did you think about their answers?
  • Were they engaging and do you think they would fit in with the YACVic office culture?
  • Were they warm/friendly and respectful with/to you?
  • Do you feel they understand young people and youth issues?

What skills/knowledge will I develop through this opportunity?

  • Knowledge about the role of YACVic and our partner agencies
  • Communication skills
  • Interviewing skills – as an interviewer and a candidate!
  • Knowledge of YACVic’s recruitment processes and what to look for in a preferred candidate 
  • An understanding of the importance of each role within an organisation and how they work together

Register now  

When you’re ready to register you can do one of the following:  

  • email your responses to 

  • If you would rather apply via video or audio recording please respond to the questions below and send the file/link to Sam at with ‘HR Team’ in the subject.  

The closing deadline is 12pm on Monday 18 November. Applications may close early if all spaces are filled.  

You won’t be able to save and return to the online form, so we encourage you to prepare your answers to the questions below before starting your registration.   

All applicants will be contacted notifying them of the outcome of their application.

Application questions:  





Phone number  


Date of birth  




Where do you live?  




Do you speak any languages other than English at home?  


Please tell us why you are interested in being part of the HR Team.  For example does it align with your passions and/or goals? 


In your opinion what does diversity bring to an organisation? 


How did you find out about this opportunity?  


Are you available to attend the three hour induction on Wednesday 20 November from 4.30-6.30pm?  


Are you available during the week to be on an interview panel in Melbourne when the opportunity arises? (We can’t say exactly how many opportunities there will be as the nature of recruitment is sporadic; however, we will do our best to give as much notice as we can) 


Yes – heaps 


Yes – sometimes 



Do you have, or are you willing to apply for, a Working With Children Check and Police Check? (If you need to apply for one we can help you with that) 

Yes I'm happy to apply for these 

I already have a Working With Children Check Card 

No I don't want to apply for these 

I'm under 18 

Do you have any access or support needs you’d like us to be aware of?  


*if yes please outline here  

Do you have any dietary requirements?  


Are you a YACVic Member?  



* A pronoun is a word used to refer to a person other than their name like they, she and he. We ask you for your preferred pronoun because there are heaps of them out there and there are lots of reasons it’s important to use the correct pronouns a person uses.  

Privacy & confidentiality

Your information will be used to help us select a diverse and representative group. Your information will be stored in a password protected location that will only be accessible to those staff working on this project.  

Application support 

If you’re not sure if this opportunity is for you or you would rather speak to a YACVic staff member and have them fill out the form, or if you need any help completing the form, please contact Sam Champion (YACVic) on 0438 072 200.