The Opportunity 

We are working on a harm reduction campaign for young tradies alongside the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) and Hope Assistance Local Tradies (HALT).

Tradies tell us about the life pressures that get on top of them and managing drugs and alcohol are right up there.  They also say getting started in trades can be tough - there's pressure and risk being encountered every day.  

Drugs and alcohol can play an important role in the lives of young people, but we also know it brings a few people undone along the way. This project aims to get some key messages to apprentices about how they can work through the pressures and risks and make informed, smart decisions. 

What does it involve?

We are getting a group of apprentices together (online) to ask: 

  • What did you already know about this stuff? 
  • What do you wish your mates knew? 
  • Hear your hot tips on balancing things to keep physically and mentally healthy. 
  • What's the best way to get positive messaging across to apprentices and people like you? 

YACVic will meet (online) with 10 apprentices from across Metro, regional and rural Victoria during 2 x 1.5hr workshops. The first workshop will be Monday 6th of December 4-5:30pm. The second meeting will be held in January. Please let us know if you require a letter of support to leave TAFE early to attend.  

About you? 

You are a trades or construction apprentice in Victoria.  

What will you get out of this opportunity? 

You’ll be offered $100 as remuneration for your participation in each workshop – you can choose for this to be paid by direct bank transfer (which usually takes 2 weeks) or by electronic gift card (which you’ll receive the following day). 

You'll also contribute to the development of a national ADF harm reduction campaign.

Over the course of the workshop you'll learn about, and build skills in, confidence sharing ideas, advocacy, campaign design, decision-making and negotiation.

Application process: 

To apply for this opportunity, please complete this quick form or email Jen, YACVic Youth Participation Officer on expressing your interest by 12pm Friday 3 December 2021. Please include your responses to the following questions: 

  • Your full name 
  • Your age 
  • Are you an apprentice? Is your TAFE metro, regional or rural? 
  • Why are you keen to be a part of this conversation? Why is this topic important to you? (eg: personal interest, friends/family history) 
  • Do you have any access needs or requirements? A list of common access needs can be found at the bottom of this call out.  

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Commitment to child safety 

YACVic is a child safe organisation. By taking part in our opportunities, you agree to join us in our commitment to child safety

Accessibility and Inclusion 

At YACVic, we take access and inclusion seriously. We are committed to making every event as accessible and inclusive as possible for all members of our community. If you have a specific access request, would like further information or want to provide any suggestions, we would love to hear from you. 

You can email or call us with your access and/or support requirements. 

Our work takes place through the lands of the Aboriginal nations within Victoria and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge that Sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.  

Contact Us

For any questions, concerns or support please contact Jen Rowan, YACVic’s Youth Participation Officer at 

Privacy & confidentiality

Your information will be used to help us select a diverse and representative group. Your information will be stored in a password protected location that will only be accessible to those staff working on this project. 

This is a list of common barriers and accessibility needs. Let us know if any of these apply to you or if you have an access need that isn't listed. 

  • I use a mobility device like a wheelchair or walker and require accessible spaces. 
  • I have low vision and require assistive devices. 
  • I am impacted by different types of lighting. 
  • I am Deaf, deaf, or hard of hearing and require an interpreter. 
  • I will be bringing a service animal. 
  • I will be attending this event with my carer. 
  • I have limited use of hands or arms. 
  • I have difficulties with speech and communication. 
  • I have difficulties with reading comprehension. 
  • I experience airborne reactions (allergies, chemicals, fragrances, etc.). 
  • I will need to take breaks during this event. 
  • My barriers or accessibility needs aren't listed (please let us know!) 
  • N/A