The petition launched by Luke David, 24-year-old member of the YDAS steering committee, today highlights the challenge faced by thousands of young people with disability unable to live independently because of the lack of affordable and accessible housing. 

On becoming adults most people want to move out from their parent’s home and begin their adult independent lives. But a profound lack of housing that is both affordable and accessible forces people to stay living with their ageing parents often until they or their parents die.

Estimates of the shortfall of suitable housing vary, but a recent report by the Disability Housing Futures Working Group estimates that of the 110,000 people who will seek to move from their existing housing in the first 10 years of the operation of NDIS, somewhere between 35,000 and 55,000 are likely to struggle to find appropriate affordable housing.

Manager of the Youth Disability Advocacy Service, Dr George Taleporos said, “The NDIA has consistently said that the housing funding that it will be providing is limited and was designed to support only 28,000 participants which is only 6 percent of people with disabilities who will be eligible for support under the scheme. What happens to the remaining 94 percent, not to mention the remaining 3.5 million Australians who are not eligible for the NDIS?”

“We are also seriously concerned that leaving it to the private market to invest in disability housing will result in more large-scale group homes. Recent parliamentary inquiries into disability abuse show that congregate care facilities are unsafe, contravene the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability and they are not where young people with a disability want to live.”

“We call on all political parties standing at the Federal Election this weekend to commit to regulate minimum access features in the National Construction Code for all new and extensively modified housing. We also need their commitment to invest in community housing that will address the serious unmet need for accessible and affordable housing in Australia.”

The Youth Disability Advocacy Service is a core agency of YACVic funded by the State government of Victoria.

For further comment or to arrange an interview with Luke David please call Dr George Taleporos, 0412 814 851