YACVic submitted the following letter of endorsement of the responses of SJFYP and CMY to the Victoria Police Community Consultation regarding field contact policies and cross-cultural training.

In the letter, we endorsed the responses by CMY and SJFYP in full, highlighting a number of their messages and recommendations, including:

  • the need for introduction by Victoria Police of a Youth Protocol and implementation of a Racial Profiling Policy in consultation with community groups and the VEOHRC
  • the need for Victoria Police to provide written reasons for move-on directions, as well as written ‘field contact receipts’ to ensure greater accountability and transparency in the use of these powers
  • the use of CMY’s framework for the development of greater cultural competence as something that should be incorporated within Victoria Police.

In addition, we emphasised the need for strengthened youth-specific training by Victoria Police and the benefits of Victoria Police working in close collaboration with:

  • Victorian peak bodies
  • generalist and specialist youth sector organisations
  • the SJFYP coalition
  • community legal centres
  • young people.

We also discussed the report developed by YACVic’s Youth Reference Group (YRG), “Cop That”: Bridging the Gap between Young People and Law Enforcement Officers, and supported the YRG’s recommendations aimed at strengthening interactions between Victorian young people and police.