YDAS recently completed a submission to the Victorian State Disability Plan 2017 to 2020. The submission provides a comprehensive overview of the evidence of disadvantage that young people with disabilities face in Victoria and a summary of what they say they want from government and society to address this disadvantage.

It is estimated that approximately 7% of young people in Australia have a physical, sensory, neurological, intellectual and/or psychiatric disability (AIHW, 2011, p.18). Young people with disabilities in Australia today have unprecedented opportunity to be fully engaged citizens, to receive a high quality and inclusive education, and to receive supports that enable them to pursue their personal goals.

However, young people with disabilities continue to face ongoing and systemic discrimination in many areas of life including in education, where they can be refused enrolment and experience regular bullying from school staff and fellow students; in employment, where they are offered poor job support or career development; inaccessible public buildings and services, and much more.

Download the YDAS submission below to read about this issue.