In 2004, the Participation in Practice project – a partnership between the Victorian Government Office for Youth and the Youth Affairs Council of Australia – published three ‘Taking Young People Seriously’ handbooks. 

These resources outlined key principles for youth participation and engagement and provided practical information to assist with the ‘doing’ of youth engagement and participation strategies. They provided a catalyst for the Victorian youth sector to examine young people’s involvement in organisational and political structures and in their communities. They also gave young people information and support to get active about the things they were passionate about.

Taking Young People Seriously: Consulting Young People About Their Ideas and Opinions

Taking Young People Seriously: Young People on Boards and Committees

Taking Young People Seriously: Creating Change in Your Community


YACVic’s 2004 ‘Taking Young People Seriously’ handbooks led the way for youth participation in Victoria. Our 2014 project, Yerp, modernises the handbooks in an information-packed website perfectly suited to smartphones and mobile devices.

Its unique, fun design was developed in consultation with over 300 young people and youth sector workers throughout Victoria.

Yerp supports one big idea – that young people have an important role in shaping the present and future of Victoria’s communities.