YACVic welcomes the Victorian Government’s strong commitment to strengthening educational outcomes for young people in out-of-home-care, including through LOOKOUT Education Support Centres. LOOKOUT, which will begin operations soon in Victoria’s south-west, will advocate for the educational interests of young people in care and strengthen the capacity of schools, child protection, community service organisations and carers to deliver on the objectives of the Out of Home Care Education Commitment and the Education State.

The LOOKOUT model is still being developed by government, with input from the sector. This submission by YACVic responds to an initial draft model offered for comment at an early stage of the model’s design. 

Here, YACVic discusses the outcomes LOOKOUT could deliver, the age group of students to be supported, the importance of supporting students with disabilities, and the need to address the exclusion of young people in care from school, amongst other issues. We trust these points will inform the final LOOKOUT model, which is being developed at present.