Regardless of whether you are a young person or someone who works with young people, COVID-19 is disrupting everybody's life. YACVic is keen to continue supporting you in the best way possible.

Please fill out a 5-minute short survey, there is one for young people and one for the sector. If you work with young people, please pass the survey for young people on to them.

The more we know, the more support we can provide, and the more powerful our collective voice will be with decision makers.

A young person on red background smiles next to text: "We want to hear from you"

For young people

Have your studies been disrupted? Struggling to socially distance in a sharehouse? Or are you just trying to get by? We want to hear from you to shape our ongoing work.

Share your experience if you are a young person

For workers and organisations who support young people

Has your service closed? Having trouble staying connected with clients? Or have you already adopted technology in your service delivery? We want to hear your experience to shape our advocacy around COVID-19.

Share your experience if you work with young people

Your experiences, the challenges, the adaptations of services, and any other changes will be invaluable in shaping YACVic's work over the coming months.

We are also preparing a series of Webinars on important topics, and are looking to adapt our training and youth participation expertise online. Become a member to access those (it starts from $3 a year for a young person!), or head to our events page to find out more information.