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Photo of young people from the Koori Youth Council

What’s the role about?

We’re looking for a YACVic Young Member with a passion for advocating for the improved mental health of young Victorians.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to a VicHealth ‘roundtable’ meeting in Carlton on Friday 13 October 2017, to inform the update of their Mental Wellbeing Strategy Update 2017-2019. You will be working with and supported before and at this meeting by YACVic CEO Leo Fieldgrass.

You will then join the assessment panel for VicHealth's Bright Futures for Young Victorian Challenge 2017/18 as the YACVic representative. The panel will be held on Thursday 23 November in Carlton. This initiative distributes funds to projects which generate new partnerships and solutions that promote resilience, social connection and mental wellbeing in 12-25 year-old Victorians at risk of social isolation or exclusion, poor mental health and related outcomes.


You will be reimbursed for time spent on these projects by VicHealth – including the 2-hour roundtable (13 October), up to 2 hours scoring of project proposals (prior to 23 November), and the 2 hour panel meeting (23 November). 


You will have support from both YACVic and VicHealth during this opportunity. YACVic CEO Leo Fieldgrass will meet with you before the roundtable to mentor you, discuss talking points and attend the meeting with you. YACVic participation and development coordinator Sam Champion will be your contact at YACVic throughout the process, and VicHealth will support you by giving you a contact at the organisation as well as all necessary information in the lead up to and during the roundtable, the scoring process, and the assessment panel.

What will I actually be doing?

You will be required to commit to:

  • Meet for around 45 minutes with YACVic CEO Leo Fieldgrass (in person or on the phone) before Friday 13 October.
  • Attend and actively participate in the roundtable on Friday 13 October (10am-12pm) in Carlton.
  • Attend and actively participate in the assessment panel on 23 November (9.15-11.15am) in Carlton
  • Score the submissions in your own time, which involves spending up to 2 hours evaluating the submissions sent to you one week before the assessment panel. The scoring will be due for submission by 22 November (the day before the assessment panel).

You will attend the roundtable alongside Leo Fieldgrass (YACVic CEO) and contribute to the discussion with representatives from government, community sector and non-government organisations.

Following the roundtable, you will join the panel for 'The Challenge' which is an initiative to fund partnerships, led by local government, to co-design social innovations with organisations from diverse sectors and young people themselves. This work will prioritise action in areas, settings and groups where a high proportion of young people experience marginalisation, isolation or a lack of capacity to respond positively to the megatrends identified in the VicHealth/CSIRO Bright Futures: Megatrends impacting the mental wellbeing of young Victorians over the coming 20 years report.

The funding guidelines are still in development but the grant round will open early October and close early November 2017, with an assessment panel meeting to be held on 23 November. The panel meeting will last two hours and shortlisted applications and assessment scoring documentation and instructions will be provided before the meeting.

Read more about last year’s ‘Challenge’ here.

What skills do I need to apply?

It will help if you are confident to speak your mind in a group situation - we can support you to practice and develop this.

  • You must be passionate about improving mental health support for young Victorians.
  • You must be reliable and organised so you can  complete the assessment panel scoring sheet on time.
  • It will help if you already have some understanding of mental health challenges facing young people.

What skills/ knowledge will I develop through this opportunity?

  • Learn about YACVic’s role advocating for young Victorians.
  • Build networking skills and meet significant members from government, not for profit and local government.
  • Learn about funding for community initiatives, gain experience of grant-making panels and assessment processes.
  • Build your knowledge of the youth, health and mental health sectors.
  • Help improve mental health support for young people around our state.

Application process

To express your interest in this opportunity, please complete our online form.

The deadline for applications is 12pm Tuesday 3 October 2017.

We will select three people to interview via telephone or Skype.

Telephone/Skype interviews will be held on Friday 6 October.

We will contact everyone who applies, to let them know the outcome.

Application support

If you would rather speak to a YACVic staff member and have them fill out the form, or if you need any help filling in the form, please contact Leo on 9267 3711.    

If you would rather respond/apply via video, please upload your video to YouTube and send the link to Sam at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Mental Health Advocate in the subject.

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