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Photo of young people from the Koori Youth Council

The Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) are students from across Victoria who have set up a democratic network of Student Representative Councils.

They are working to strengthen SRCs so they can speak and act on behalf of secondary students in schools and throughout Victoria. Student conferences identified a need for a statewide organisation or network of school students, so the VicSRC was established in 2001. It is entirely student owned and run, although supported by many organisations and individuals.

VicSRC is a student run, organised and initiated organisation run for the benefit of students.

An elected Student Executive gives direction to the VicSRC staff, sets policy, communicates with SRCs and helps strengthen and promote the aims of the VicSRC. The Executive’s job is to represent what is actually being said via student councils across the state. Students can join the Student Executive by nominating for a place at our annual Congress meeting.

Visit the VicSRC website

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