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Photo of the Youth Reference Group 2012

This is a series of tip sheets that provide information for community organisations and groups to better enable them to involve young people as volunteers.

The topics covered include:

  • Being a youth ready organisation
  • Creating volunteer roles for young people that are meaningful and have appropriate levels of responsibility
  • Managing and supporting young volunteers including peer-to-peer supervision with young volunteers supervising and supporting other volunteers
  • Using social media to engage, support and recognise young volunteers
  • Involving young people from diverse cultural backgrounds as volunteers with your organisation
  • Involving young people with disabilities as volunteers with your organisation
  • Some of the legal considerations to be aware of in relation to youth volunteering

The series also includes information sheets for young people about volunteering and how to get started as a volunteer as well as an information sheet for parents about youth volunteering.


For Community Organisations and Groups

Tip sheet 1 - Volunteering: Attracting Young People

Tip Sheet 2 - Volunteering & Young People: The Basics

Tip Sheet 3 - Managing & Supporting Young Volunteers

Tip Sheet 4 - Social Media & Volunteers

Tip Sheet 5 - Volunteers from Diverse Backgrounds

Tip Sheet 6 - Inclusive Volunteering for Young People with Disabilities

Tip Sheet 7 - What they want you to know

Tip Sheet 8 - Background Checks & Young Volunteers

Tip Sheet 9 - Young Volunteers & Some Legal Requirements

Tip Sheet 10 - Resources to Support Young People to Volunteer


For Young People

Young People Tip Sheet 1 - Want to Volunteer?

Young People Tip Sheet 2 - As a Young Person with a Disability: Why would I volunteer?

Young People Tip Sheet 3 - Finding the Right Volunteer Opportunity

For Parents

For Parents: Youth and Volunteering

The Whole Series

pdf Download the whole series in PDF - Young People and Volunteering - A Series of Tip Sheets (1.65 MB)

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