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Photo of the Youth Reference Group 2011

Youth Reference Group (YRG)

The Youth Reference Group (we spell it ‘the YRG’ but we call it ‘the yurg’!) is a group of diverse young advocates who work with YACVic to take action on issues facing young people in Victoria. The YRG represents YACVic’s young members and promotes young people’s interests to policy-makers, politicians and the media. The group meets every month at YACVic to discuss priorities and plan projects.

What is the YRG?
Who should join the YRG?
Vacancies on the YRG

"Why am I on the YRG? Because we are an amazing group of young people who are passionate about being a part, and being constructors of social change. I come back every month because I am inspired by each person I work alongside and inspired by the work we do together - and how this is helping mould social change within the youth sector."

- Morgan, current YRG member.



YACVic has a number of partner agencies. For more information click on the logos below.

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