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Photo of the Youth Reference Group 2011

Youth Participation Practice Network (YPPN)

The YPPN is made up of people from across Victoria who are passionate about the recognition of young people’s social, economic and civil right to participate in the community and in organisational and political structures. 

The network was established in 2005 and is supported by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic).  Anyone who is working in ways that include, encourage, or support youth participation is welcome to join the network.


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What does the YPPN do?

Bi-monthly meetings

These meetings provide a chance to critically reflect on participatory practice in a safe and supportive space. Practitioners share their successes and learnings, as well as exploring strategies to meet the challenges presented by participatory practice.


The YPPN hold two forums each year that include exploration of current theories of youth participation and hands-on workshops covering aspects of participatory practice. These forums are designed and run by working groups made up of members of the network.

Electronic resources and updates

The YPPN hosts a blog that is regularly updated with information and resources. In addition to this, anyone in the network can share information with the rest of the network by commenting on posts or by forwarding information for posts to YACVic’s Participation and Development Officer.

You can get involved in whatever way suits you best!

Visit the YPPN blog to find out more

YACVic auspices and supports like-minded youth projects, services and organisations. For more information click on the logos below

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