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Photo of the Youth Reference Group 2011

Policy Advisory Group (PAG)

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) provides a mechanism for members who wish to be involved in the ongoing policy development and policy setting processes of the organisation.

The PAG provides a structured forum for members to actively shape the policy development of the organisation. The PAG comprises 6-15 members and, following an open call for nominations each year, is appointed by the Board following YACVic’s AGM.

The Terms of Reference for the PAG are revised each year and are available upon request.
A report on what the PAG has done over the past year is available in our latest Annual Report.

PAG members group photo 2012

The PAG 2011-12

Marisa Uwarow
Dr Deb Lawson
Grace Langton
Susila Naidu
Paul Daly
Lyn Fletcher
Vicki Cooper
Roger Holdsworth
Sarah Davies
Keelia Fitzpatrick
Paul Grogan
Melanie Raike
Stefan Lodewyckx
Clare Griffin
George Taleporos
Robyn Freestone
Naruka Gorrie
Morgan Lee Cataldo

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