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Photo of the Youth Reference Group 2011

For young people

What is the YRG?

The Youth Reference Group (we spell it ‘the YRG’ but we call it ‘the yurg’!) is a group of diverse young advocates who work with YACVic to take action on issues facing young people in Victoria. The YRG are all YACVic young members, and they meet every month to discuss their priorities and plan projects.

Group picture of the 2015 YACVic youth reference group.

What does the YRG do?
The YRG provides a forum for young people to:
  • develop proposals, campaigns, and projects that relate to YACVic's overall work,
  • provide advice to YACVic about our work and the way that we engage with young people, and
  • provide advice to community organisations and government departments about a range of issues affecting the lives of young Victorians.
Previous YRG projects include:

 The Youth Reference Group meeting with Minister of Youth Affairs Ryan Smith
The 2012 Youth Reference Group with former Minister for Youth Affairs and Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Ryan Smith.

Photo of the Youth Reference Group

Young Members

The Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic) is a member-driven organisation. We know that by having a strong membership base, young people and youth issues will be heard. YACVic’s vision is for a Victorian community in which all young people are valued as active participants, have their rights respected and are treated fairly and with respect.

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YACVic has a number of partner agencies. For more information click on the logos below.

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