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Photo of young people from the Koori Youth Council

Positions Statements and Policy Principles

Position Statements

PDF icon Download YACVic Position Statements (210.07 kB)

Word doc icon Download YACVic position statements - for screen readers (412 kB)

More information about YACVic’s current and previous policy work can also be found in the Policy and Publications section of this website.

Guiding Principles

YACVic will be guided by the following principles:

Human Rights

Human rights are the universal rights that every human being is entitled to enjoy and have protected. YACVic will work to protect the human rights of young people.


Participation is the active involvement of young people in all aspects of decision making. YACVic will work within a youth participation framework.


Collaboration is the process of a number of people or organisations collectively working together in a way that achieves a greater result than as a single unit.


Integrity guides the way YACVic staff and volunteers conduct themselves. We are committed to honesty and ethical behaviour at all times.


Recognising the diversity of young people and the sector that supports them, YACVic strives to consider the needs and views of all young people and those who work with them.


YACVic assists young people in gaining the skills they need to advocate for themselves. YACVic works from a strengths based approach, both with young people and the sector that supports them.


As the peak body and leading youth polic y advocate in Victoria, YAC Vic has a leadership role in the work we do with young people and the sector.

YACVic auspices and supports like-minded youth projects, services and organisations. For more information click on the logos below

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